Editing/Proofreading editing

Get the right message across

Whether you need a light proofread to eliminate embarrassing mistakes, want to pull together a document written by many different people, or to update an existing document, we can help.​

Redpen can assist you with your writing style, consistency, and organisation of ideas.​

We will, of course, also check grammar, spelling, punctuation and accuracy so you communicate clearly and effectively on paper and online.​

• Spelling and grammatical errors weaken your company’s image
• Good writing makes you look professional
• We’ll do so much more than simply proofread your text

​Recent work

​​​Magazine article
​​​Redpen helped to edit and proofread this article, which the customer had already translated to English but wanted help correcting mistakes and ensuring it was ready for an international audience.

​​​Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Redpen recently edited and proofread part of the website of this leading sustainable hotel, eliminating inconsistency and ensuring accuracy and professionalism.